Where your LGB heroes go to die

Rachel Saunders
5 min readNov 22, 2023
Photo by Public Domain Pictures: https://www.pexels.com/photo/2-lion-on-grass-field-during-daytime-41178/

One of the critiques of people like Fred Sergeant, J K Rowling, and Kathleen Stock is that they have done so much to champion gay and lesbian causes in the past, so how can they possibly be transphobic in the present. I had the dubious pleasure of interacting with Fred this week on Twitter, his whole anti-trans schtick on display as he argued vociferously with me that trans people were not involved in LGB liberation because he was there and he did not see any. He eventually blocked me after calling me a slew of names, which seemed ironic given how he had been the one to spark the dog pile. It seems to be an increasing phenomenon that gay and lesbian activists are clutching at the LGB Alliance’s anti-trans stance, and those heroes truly are becoming the enemy they once faced.

Activists like Fred have brought lock stock into the LGBA’s agenda, which is akin to those Jews who supported Hitler, except this time the far right is more than happy to show the happy idiots chuntering away on Fox News promoting conservative values. Look at this gay man from the 1960s who organised Pride, look at how is demonises trans folk, all gay men come and look! The same goes for all the lesbian gender critical writers, activists, and patsies who shill for exclusionary practices, failing to see the schadenfreude of the abuse they once received. If you are abused for long enough you potentially absorb the behaviour of your abusers, once known as Stockholm syndrome, now simply know as Stock syndrome. In projecting the values of their former abusers back onto the tiny minority that is the trans community they achieve a modicum of power at the expense of their legacy.

For me there is a cognitive dissonance between what lesbian exclusionary activists in particular claim and what the actual lived reality of being a lesbian is in the 2020s. Its almost as if they have forgotten how they were perceived as the threat in the locker room, that they were tarred with converting teenage girls, and they are historically demonised for their gender nonconformity. They leant the lessons of that homophobic bullying by doubling down on policing trans identities. LGBA lesbians claim that the cotton ceiling is still a running meme, yet fail to see that consent culture has eradicated such myths from the trans community. A polite no is all that is required, sans any transphobia that might…