Trans rights are not the Devil’s instruments.

4 min readDec 3, 2023
Photo by Pedro Dias:

Forgive me, this record appears stuck, I am tired, and Twitter has been a grouching. At some point my will to be civil invariably slips, the better part of me departs for climes unknown, and I let slip the dogs of snark. Transphobia appears to be the new British pastime if you rely on the socials and certain elements of the press. Yet it X that truly takes the biscuit for allowing anonymous bigots to spew their bile. Never in the course of human history have so few vented to so many, dominating the discourse about a small subset of the population. Like some anti-Churchill they holla “Man!” “Pervert! “Groomer!” faster than a Me 109 could spit bullets, plucky wannabes hiding behind their slogan memes and random number generated names. They see trans folk as the devil incarnate, worse than that, an ideology in need of absolute purging.

I have been on Twitter since 2009, my account mainly dormant aside from the odd foray here and there. Until August 2023 rocks around and I decide in my infinite wisdom that it would be a wonderful idea to re-engage. Post Musk, post abuse team, a furnace where every time you open the ap you get a blast of scolding air to the face. Some would call it invigorating, others a form of self-harm; me I vacillate between the two, those increasingly landing on the latter. Transphobia is such an omnipresent fixture of my feed that all the cute trans girls who used to populate it have been relegated to the occasion post. Fear and loathing on X should be a meme at this point, an ex-X propping up the manure pile invisible. Sadly no, for the decrepit old bird still has noxious tweets left in it.

How much I may pretend, standing up for trans rights on posts by Maya Forstater and Helen Joyce is very much a self-fulfilling prophecy of the lone prophet landing on the beach to be offered up as the next sacrifice. While both women may pretend otherwise, the movement they are the face of treats trans women as nothing more than cocks in frocks at best, and rapist in waiting at worst. No amount of legal protection will save trans women from the ravages of the anonymous hoard, and god forbid any trans woman stand up for herself, the abuse becomes a tsunami. There is a degree of masochism in the sticking up for the bullied and less fortunate, a knowing level of abuse that always comes your way. Yet, the fight is…