Trans identities and neuro divergence

4 min readNov 27, 2023
Photo by Ruslan Zzaebok:

Over the last decade there has been an increased awareness of a potential link between trans identities and neuro divergence, with some exclusionary feminists claiming that transing kids is essentially transing neuro divergent children without accounting for the underlying conditions. Yes, anecdotally many trans folk readily identify as some form of neuro divergence. Yet, for me, the wider issue is not that neuro divergence leads kids to being trans but how neuro typical people automatically assume that that the gender normativity present in society is actually an inherently normal and good thing. Neuro divergence helps see the world through different conceptions of self, one being that is something does not make sense then we have the power to affect change in ourselves. Thus, being neuro divergent and trans makes logical sense for many neuro divergent folk and they are not afraid to come out and live as their affirmed self.

While I have no formal diagnosis of neuro divergence I grew up in a household where my mother and three siblings were, which makes my personal trans history interesting and more complex that is obvious. I tend to get frustrated with abstract logic, always picking away at the edges and adding caveats, which frustrates anyone trying to be formally logical with me. For me the world is a messy and complicated place, an overlapping series of personal subjectivities that all collide to make our societies what they are.

Being trans just makes sense to me, and in a world where feelings are so derided and logic is clamoured for, saying that you have an innate sense of gendered self is akin to saying you believe in the Tooth Fairy. All of the biological logic used against trans folk falls apart the moment you show the exceptions, show the gaps in their thinking, causing biological essentialists to fall back on the male/female duality. Neuro typical people really want ordered lives that make a semblance of sense; for me, neuro divergence enables you to see through that semblance and see the contradictions at hand. Yes, being neuro divergent and neuro divergent adjacent comes with issues, but see the construction of the world is not one of them.

Part of my frustration with anti-neuro divergent exclusionary feminists is that they fail to see the messiness and complications of being human. For them…