“Let’s get the pitchforks out for those demon trans folk”

4 min readNov 29, 2023
Photo by Keira Burton: https://www.pexels.com/photo/multiethnic-friends-bullying-woman-on-street-6147396/

How does the Earth still revolve when there are demon trans folk still running around claiming all women’s rights. It sure seems like those gender critical feminists are blowing up a storm with that there hot air of theirs. If only trans women would know their place and go back to using the men’s restrooms then we can go back to forcing women to be mothers and kitchen sink cleaners. You know, like in the good old days. When Satan wore a frock and Dick went a bible bashing. Such a shame that there nice Elon doesn’t show his transphobia more often.

This is what Twitter feels like these days, especially when you stand up for trans rights in any capacity. Trans women are demonised to the point of caricature, and any attempt at getting restitution or a degree of civility is treated with a torrent of abuse. Its like opening Hell’s own furnace and getting a taste of the ever after, verbal abuse from anonymous accounts crying “man!” and “cock in a frock!” No matter your own personal good intentions, standing up for trans people who have been put through the wringer invariably leads to you getting bullied.

I am fully aware that there are many trans women getting far worse abuse than me, which is why I generally try to stick up for them whenever I can. Being an abuser gets bullies a sense of power, and calling them out for that abuse is necessary. When the pitchforks are drawn it is vital that the victim is not left alone, that they see and understand that allies are close by. If abuse victims are left alone and isolated abusers will keep on going. Social media creates the perfect environment for bullies to thrive, especially when you face no real consequences for doing so. Victims get further isolated because there is no physical space you can run to, often the only option is to disengage.

This power dynamic is especially potent when you have social media accounts with larger numbers of followers who whip up the crowd into hysteria. Mob culture is likely as old as the first human societies, yet even the mob with pitchforks could be held back if enough people stood their ground. A public lynching is hard to do when the victim has allies and backing of due process. Online lynchings happen daily without any visibility and the victims have no recourse or justice, simply the emotional…