Enabling Nazis and anti-feminists

Rachel Saunders
4 min readSep 9, 2023
Photo by Polina Tankilevitch: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-in-black-tank-top-using-a-megaphone-beside-a-woman-in-black-spaghetti-strap-top-8203537/

When Kellie-Jay Kean, aka Posie Parker, declares that she is perfectly happy to have actual Nazis speak at her rallies you know that exclusionary feminism has truly gone down the alt-right rabbit hole. This is not hyperbole, this is not the left pointing fingers at shadows, this is one of the most prominent voices within exclusionary feminism saying that nothing matters except erasing trans identities. And Kean is not alone. Helen Joyce gladly states that her goal is the erasure of all trans people and their legal rights. J K Rowling has backed Kean up with both personal and financial support. Maya Forstater’s so called victory for sex based beliefs only highlighted that it is a belief, on the same level as religious faith. They cozy up to the right because the right sees them as useful patsies, and they care not that the world sees their fascists mates.

This is why every time they enter the public arena we point out this far right agenda, show the world that these women are not friends of progressive feminism, but enablers of racists, fascists, and anti-feminists who would gleefully roll back women’s rights given half the chance. Why do exclusionary feminists still insist on using the right wing to further their anti-trans diatribes? Because it is the path of least resistance. If you have no scruples in how you achieve your objectives you will take whatever short-term allyship no matter how much you have to pay in the long run.

Kean’s arguments about free speech ring hollow when all she does is platform increasingly reactionary voices. Yes, many exclusionary feminists seek to disavow her, but every adult human female merch worn and flown is another step in the march to the right. It is deeply ironic that exclusionary feminism has adopted the suffragette colours because many of the women who fought for the right to vote went on to fight against fascism. Those same colours have been coopted in the name of hate, exclusion, not in the name of fighting for inclusion of minorities who desperately need feminist’s support.

Nazis will never support feminism, it is hardcoded to view all women as second class citizens. Every woman under the right wing suffers from repressive laws, reduced access to reproductive rights, and kept out of the workplace in the name of motherhood. This is what the exclusionary feminists are pushing society when they write for right wing media platforms, stand along side nazis, and decry trans inclusive policies. One only has to look at groups such as Gays Against Groomers to understand how inherently homophobic and reactionary the movement is. This is no longer just about some concerns, it is about the total erasure of trans identities in the public sphere.

And the biggest concern is how easy it has been to escalate the hate against trans folk. This is not concern trolling, this is hate brigading. Twitter is awash with folk who will harass and abuse anyone supporting trans rights, the mainstream media does not platform trans advocacy, and precious few political parties are actively pro-trans. This was never an even fight, it was a gathering avalanche that must be weathered rather than outright stop. Nazis are never beaten with force alone, they need to be lampooned, made to look ridiculous, shown for the Emperor’s new clothes they really are.

Kean, Joyce, Stock, Bindel, Rowling, and Forstater are all Nazi enablers because they do not care to see the darkness at the end of their crusade. They act out of spite, out of personal pain, out of the desperate need to control the narrative. No amount of warnings seem to stop them, no amount of rational conversation sates their thirst for power. They allow the alt-right, the far-right, and the Nazis to gather at the edge because those are the voices that coo and sucker, provide funding, and provide the space within which the anti-trans lobby can fester.

There is no amount of trans exclusionary apologetics that can excuse this march to the right, no amount of “the left will not let them speak”. Personal scruples surely come above a pay check, yet for exclusionary feminists the desperation in all their attempts to denigrate and degrade trans rights comes increasingly at the cost of those scruples. If the only platform on offer is the right wing then surely that says as much about you as it does your cause. Enabling Nazis is abhorrent, and we need to continue to call out all exclusionary feminists who hear that siren call.